Migraine Treatment / NT Therapy

The FDA has cleared for marketing for the first time, a device that prevents medically diagnosed migraine pain, tension-type headache, and jaw disorders ("TMJ"), without drugs or surgery, through the reduction of trigeminally innervated muscular activity

The N.T.I. Tension Suppression System is a prefabricated polycarbonate matrix that Dr.Varano retro-fits to the patient's teeth . It is completely different from any other type of mouthpiece.

In clinical trials reviewed by the FDA, 82% of medically diagnosed migraine sufferers had a 77% average reduction of migraine pain attacks within the first eight weeks of use.

Want proof?
Feel how it works.

While touching the muscles of your temples (at the Xs below), bite down on a wooden pencil with your back teeth as hard as you can. Youll feel the muscle bulge as it intensely contracts. Now compare to when biting on the pencil with your front teeth only. Thats how the NTI device

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