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The FDA has cleared for marketing for the first time, a device that prevents medically diagnosed migraine pain, tension-type headache, and jaw disorders ("TMJ"), without drugs or surgery, through the reduction of trigeminally innervated muscular activity.

The NTI works by a simple but powerful mechanism: it does not allow you to grind or clench your teeth at night. In many patients, it is this clenching and/or grinding that is a primary cause of tension headaches, migraines, and constant discomfort. Now, I know you’re thinking, “YEAH, RIGHT, Doc. HA!” But take a moment and just imagine if you worked out your arms for 4-5 hours ever day; how painful would they be? Now imagine you’re doing that unconsciously for 3-4 hours ever night, how painful do you think those muscles would be? Seriously, just think about that for a moment.

Ask yourself this very simple question: Out of 7 days per week, how many of those days do you wake up and feel FABULOUS? If the answer is rarely or never, ask Dr. VArano and his staff about how an NTI-tss could help you.

In clinical trials reviewed by the FDA, 82% of medically diagnosed migraine sufferers had a 77% average reduction of migraine pain attacks within the first eight weeks of use.

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